Azendoo introduction (English)

Welcome to Azendoo the appliance thatmakes teamwork easier and email free Azendoo is available to your browser as athe laptop purchaser or as a mobile application the instrument permits you toexchange along with your collaborators to arrange your team’s task and tosynchronize all the matters that you simply have got to get finished In Azendoo your staff is groupedtogether in a workspace inside which that you would be able to arrange your work according tosubject a subject maybe a undertaking a dialogue group an event or whateverelse you want it to be these are the subgroups have been you in a position toshare and arrange your teamwork within a subject in Azendoo you can discuss withthe different area contributors shared documents from your computer or from oneof the third-get together integration together with Evernote Google force Dropbox and Boxand follow the progress of your workforce’s work look i will be able to see that nicole has justfinished mark’s project from inside a subject on Azendoo that you can also see yourteam’s present challenge or create new tasks and prepare them add content to themand delegate them there may be additionally a calendar view letting you see andorganized all the challenge on your crew what is extra at a look you’ve gotten aview of your workforce’s undertaking on that area Azendoo is your device fortracking your workforce work nevertheless it additionally helps you to get organized and neverforget the things you ought to get accomplished Azendoo brings you direct entry toyour duties planned for in these days day after today and in per week or even a yr’s time witha easy click you could open your venture card add a due date documents or adescription decide on the day when you’ll be able to be engaged on the task and even inviteyour collaborators to the discussion creating organizing and planning yourtasks has not ever been so convenient your entire work and your group’s work is gatheredtogether inside one single and dependable application and is available wheneverand at any place you want oh and i almost forgot to tell you thatyou may ship private messages to your collaborators final of all you’reable to get well any piece of know-how from with Azendoo thanks to our searchengine long gone are the times of e-mail exchanges with your team memberstogether that you can now be more efficient and your task will progress faster

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