Getting Started with the Twilio API for WhatsApp

[Brent] WhatsApp is the sector’s most trendy messaging application. The Twilio API for WhatsApp makes it super easy foryou to connect your enterprise to the 1.5 billion peopleon the WhatsApp platform. In case you’ve use Twilio’s SMS API before, you realize the way it works. Let’s examine the best way to get startedin the Twilio Console. We are going to by means of heading tothe Programmable SMS portion of the Twilio Console and headdown to the WhatsApp Beta. During the beta, you’ll have entry to the Twilio Sandbox for WhatsApp. This may allow you to testout the points of WhatsApp before submitting your corporation for a WhatsApp trade profile. This will likely use a shared quantity. There a number of extraordinary regional numbers you could pick from. I’m gonna select the 415 numberand activate the sandbox. As soon as that is done, thenext step is gonna have us ship a message from WhatsAppto the sandbox quantity, in this case, 415-523-8886,and send a join message.Mine says join amaranth-wombat, so that’s what i will style in here and send over to the sandbox number. As soon as that connects,we will get a response back from the sandbox and theconsole will tell us that we’ve joined up with the sandbox. Now that now we have connected to the sandbox, we can use the WhatsApp message templates. These are pre-approvedtemplates that you should utilize to an outbound dialog. Except anybody has despatched an inbound message to your WhatsApp number, you have got to withone of those templates. We are going to use the appointmentsreminders template to send out a sample request here. And that’ll ship a reminder that there may be an appointment developing. Think free to browse theother messaging templates which might be here. There is order notificationsand verification codes, if you want both of those use circumstances. Next, we’ll talk aboutconversational messaging. If a user does ship a message,like we’re doing here, announcing hello Twilio Console,you’ll be able to see that message replace in the inbound message in the console. Once that message comes in,there may be a 24 hour window the place that you can sendmessages back to that consumer with out utilizing a pre-approved template.We will see an instance of that down beneath. Right here, we’re sending amessage again to the consumer and we’ll say, yeah,it can be lovely neat, huh? And you will see thecurl request filling in over on the correct. We will send that out withouthaving to use a template and it should exhibit up on the user’sphone within WhatsApp. That is all there’s to it for establishing the TwilioSandbox for WhatsApp. If you happen to wanna connectthis to your software, alternate the a message is available in webhook to point at your serveror your Twilio function or your Twilio Studio drift. We’re gonna make some extra movies, so let us know down in thecomments what you wanna build with WhatsApp and we’llshow you the way to get it carried out. That is gonna do it for this video. Thanks a lot for observing. In case you’ve loved this video, please don’t forget clickingthe subscribe button over on the left. If you wanna watch yet another video, I picked one out justfor you in the prime proper, and if you’re watching for the code, there may be a button in thebottom right for that.Except subsequent time, i’m outta here. (upbeat track).

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