Интеграция СРМ Битрикс24 с системой мониторинга автотранспорта и мобильным приложением. CRM Bitrix24

Hi there! My identify is Nikita, I characterize team F5. I’ll show an example of integrating Bitrix24 with a procedure developed by using for a organization that transports gasoline. The system includes a manage panel and a cellular application for gasoline truck drivers. Integration used to be carried out to resolve three issues: for environment ambitions with the aid of managers without spending a dime drivers of gasoline vans, for drivers to enter wide variety information into the approach loaded liters of fuel, for automated notification of drivers concerning the likelihood dump. The first step is the logistics or supervisor creates a new deal via the interface.She additionally results in Bitrix24. Prefer driver, select a gas truck and indicate the enterprise-counterparty. You could specify the place supply will likely be comprised of. And where. Then we point out the loading date and time, and the unloading time. Keep. These deals and duties go to the drivers tablet. We see: the driver has a new order. He can see the place he desires to go and build route via Yandex.Maps. Then, upon arrival on the download, he shows this truth and has the capacity to make an bill for future work. Finished. The driving force shows the tonnage – how a lot he loaded liters. After he leaves the down load, he confirms This truth, and upon arrival on the sink, he additionally clicks on the button (that got here to drain). Then he awaits a sign that he is allowed to empty the cargo. The supervisor within the interface allows for the motive force to empty the gas. Now the driver can dump. Here’s a drivers work cycle with a cell software. Thanks for your concentration! Goodbye! .

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