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Hey everybody and welcome again to this coursethat is historical past of Microsoft dynamics 365. In this lecture we will see the module number1,that’s primary aspects that was once released in Microsoft CRM 1.Zero and 1.2 In previous lecture we have now seenthe foundation and street map of Microsoft dynamics 365 from its first officially launched versiontill date. Let me now introduce you to Microsoft CRM1.Zero and 1.2 Microsoft CRM 1.Zero was once launched in January2003 with identify Microsoft trade solutions client relationship management 1.0but that was too tough to pronounce and follow so that they have got to change the title to MicrosoftCRM 1.0.That is the homepage of Microsoft CRM 1.0where you can see hobbies that detailed logged in userand that you could create a list of priceless movements and from right hand sideyou can create record of priceless routine. The navigation bar was once at the bottom fromwhere one can find and you could navigate to places of work, income and repair moduleand on the end navigate to reporting module from bottom Navigation bar itselfthere was no advertising and marketing module within the first version of Microsoft CRM.Allow us to now see the one of a kind itself functionalityin Microsoft CRM 1.Zero it incorporated revenue and service moduleIt used to be viable to integrate CRM with Outlook and the document of CRM 1.Zero were not constructed onSQL server functionalities but instead used The famous crystal reportproducts at that time. Which was later required with the aid of trade objectand which in flip was brought by SAP. Let us now see the limitations of the productas well. It was once cumbersome to use and setup MicrosoftCRM 1.Zero. It was once very difficult and had many limitationsand also required many alterations for nearly every installation for Microsoft dynamicsCRM 1.0. And it was not possible to perform any advancedcustomisation assignment on CRM in a supported managers reminiscent of including new entity.Variant 1.Zero was once launched in English languageonly due to this limitations Microsoft has releasedan updated variant in a brief span of time .Microsoft launched CRM 1.2 in December 2003in the same yr. CRM 1.2 allowed person less complicated day-to-day interactionwith the method, customizations would be made and maintained from a cosmopolitan your expertise. It accelerated its language aid offeringsupto 9 included global English, united states English, French, Italian, German, Danish,Dutch, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. It offered number of offerings and productenhancements together with some what easier setup and extra reporting choices as well. But regrettably with this alterations is alsothere have been many boundaries for CRM 1.2, even with this alterations is it suffered from usageand setup problems that made it less than excellent from the customers and approach administratorprospective.Diagnostic wizard oftentimes disregard severalkey problems resulting in failed or an aborted set up. So with this dilemma purchaser has not adoptedCRM 1.2 in a excellent method. So Microsoft had realised that it needed tosetup development efforts on CRM platform from its subsequent liberate and committed many moreresources closer to the subsequent variation. So on that note i will finally end up this lectureand in our next module will see the important changes in Microsoft dynamics CRM 3.Zero so Ihope to look you all within the subsequent lecture till then bye bye and take care .

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