Collaborative tools for business

[music] [Collaborative tools for Business] [Do you use collaborative tools in your business?] In Clio muse, we use generally a number of technologies that aid us to arrange the group. This is almost always on account that, from the very starting of our startup, we had different jobs to get some income, this means that that our industry hours were not normally long-established even when we had the same place of job. So we use a shared calendar where everybody – this isn’t excellent – makes an appointment for others, if he sees that the other [colleague] is free that afternoon, but it surely helps very so much within the tender operation of our organization. Secondly we use is a project management application, where we enter the tasks that should be achieved, when and for a way long. Then, we use a multi-channel internal communique software, with many channels like a messenger however with many channels, that each channel refers to one other patron or to a new mission. And fourthly, the final one, and the main, it’s a client relationship management instrument, the place every person can watch how a relationship advanced, how you met the client, what packages you bought him, what language he is speakme.It is a instrument that keeps monitor of each contact you’ve gotten, so that you dont lose your shoppers. Or for existing customers to promote them some thing new, which is a very foremost part of the income in digital items. And all of these, all of these, are coordinated with our every day meetings, and weekly meetings, the place each person says about his issues, what went unsuitable, or what worked well, or what we ought to make stronger. So the instruments are very fundamental, they help the team to know exactly the place it is.We even use them now, that we are working all at the side of long-established place of job hours, but we enhance their use with day-to-day meetings, the place we record what we do, where we are. This helps you very a lot to hold manage and and do not lose it. The today’s industry atmosphere -and that is what we gain knowledge of the rough means- could be very aggressive. You must be all over, provide solutions and answers from all over, you will have to collaborate together with your colleagues and promote your products from everywhere, and do all these tasks the equal time. So if we didn’t have asynchronous communique instruments, if we didn’t have cloud instruments, we would no longer work together.We’ve -primarily for the duration of the summer season, the period with the finest stress for us- to be in many locations of Greece, and now not only, and the equal time to collaborate all together. So, we need fashioned notebooks, shared files, tools which might be up-to-date and stuffed in by using our collaborators, at exceptional locations and at specific times. On account that the moment you are working, the other colleague can accomplish one more assignment or have a assembly. So our instruments should be effortless to make use of, easy instruments, which can be effectively obtainable to anyone. With out them we’d not be equipped to reply [to the needs our business]. [music].

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