Asana Warning! Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Asana Project Manager (Before You Buy Asana Review)

Hey everyone! Jason here, digital market consultant. And in this Asana review and demo, we’re goingto be taking a look at the darker side of Asana. Specifically the top five reasons Asana mightnot be the best task manager and project management system for you and your business. Make sure you check out the links in the descriptionto other recalls, where we talk about the top five intellects that Asana is great, alongwith other things to help you get organized and streamlined with your business manages. So let’s go ahead, dive right in. Number five is expenditure. Now what’s great about Asana is that it’sfree for up to 15 useds, as of the recording of this video. So you and your small-time unit can pretty muchuse about 80% to 90% of Asana’s pieces, without ever having to pay a dime, which ispretty cool. However, if you have a team that’s largerthan that, or you crave some of the other things we’re going to talk about last-minute in this reviewand demo, then the price tag at 9.99 per month, per user, can add up very quickly, especiallyif you’re paying for something like Google drive or Dropbox or Box to manage all of yourfiles.And you wind up anywhere from 15 to20 dollars per person on your crew, those costs merely attach very quickly. Now at 9.99 a few months, it’s comparable to Trello, which rates the exact same quantity and, which is another favourite one, that’s gainingpopularity that comes out to about$ 7 per consumer, but you have to purchase them in packagesof five. So if you have a larger team or you miss someadvanced features, and you’re trying to really cut down on your penalties, then you’ll actuallywant to check out Basecamp as alternative solutions, because for a hundred dollars a few months, youget unlimited access to everything Basecamp has, and there’s no per month, per cost, peruser.So it’s a great alternative. Now, ground figure four Asana might not befor you, is the Gantt chart feature is locked behind the paywall. So you’re going to need to pay $10 per month, per user in order to use Gantt graphs. So if you like abusing Gantt shows, then aAsana probably isn’t for you. There are much better tools out there, thatare significantly less and I make Google sheets and Excel. If you really want to go bare bones, but Ithink it’s kind of odd. I was understood that they did it, because Asanadoes need to make money. But if you are a Gantt chart person, thenAsana probably isn’t for you because of the sizable price tag you’re going to have to pay, time to have access to that feature.Now, digit three deals was with communication. And these last-place got a couple of ones are just goingto deal with your personal form. Now with communication, what’s awesome abouta Asana is you can mention parties and instantly talk about research projects or duty, right on theproject or duty. The downside to this though, when comparedto something like Basecamp, where the focus is communication, is it can be very easy tolose track of conversations, peculiarly if the exercise has been commemorated complete, and you’vealready archived it from your inbox. So it’s kind of frustrating, if you’re tryingto go back and conclude exchanges, from ended tasks, it’s very difficult to scroll throughall of the tasks you have, trying to find those discussions. Whereas Basecamp spawns it super easy, evenin accomplished tasks to see every time you were mentioned, or every time a meaning was sentto you. Now, reason number two, Asana might not befor you, is working with the visual representation of Asana. A mas of beings like Trello because it’s veryvisual.You have all these cards and Asana introducedthe same feature, but inside of Asana, you can actually can’t right now move from a boardto a roll sentiment. So you kind of have to choose one, or youhave to create a task and then apply it to two different squads, or you have to createa task and apply it to two different projects. So you can see it in a board view and a listview, which I find very cumbersome and not exceedingly user friendly. So if you are a visual party and you likethe action Trello acts, then just go start with Trello.They wind up costing the same. And even though I repute Asana has more featuresthan Trello and is much more advanced. If you’re a visual being, all those features, aren’t going to matter because they’ll most likely wind up getting in accordance with the arrangements, of youbeing successful and actually ending your assignments. Which heads me into conclude number one, Asanamight not be the best solution for you. And that is the endless todo registers. One of the most important criticisms I’ve had fromother inventors not myself, stimulate Im a todo list person, but from other financiers, is that Asana tends to overload them and their teams, with duties, where it’s very easy for, todo indices, to become this super long roll that never seems to end.And in some cases, I’ve heard it’s wound upcausing less productivity because it’s so hard to prioritize sometimes. Now my hack here is once a quarter, I actuallygo through all of our Asana projects, and I framed a double lash and a not, so everyoneon the team knows that those projects or duties or something we’re not going to be focusingon within the next three months. And that highway we can have these massive listsof all these things we are ready to do, but then we go through and say not, so we know whatspecifically to focus on.And I encountered a pair entrepreneurs found thathelpful, but if interminable todo schedules, don’t sound cool to you then Asana might not bethe best solution. So thank you so much for watching. I hope you got some value out of this video. If you did, go ahead and affected that like buttonand subscribe for more helpful videos, just like this one, to help you figure out whatthe best software is, to be successful with your digital business. So comment below, if you have any questions. Hit that like button, subscribe and as ever, keep house the business you cherish ..

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