Интеграция СРМ Битрикс24 с системой мониторинга автотранспорта и мобильным приложением. CRM Bitrix24

Hi there! My identify is Nikita, I characterize team F5. I’ll show an example of integrating Bitrix24 with a procedure developed by using for a organization that transports gasoline. The system includes a manage panel and a cellular application for gasoline truck drivers. Integration used to be carried out to resolve three issues: for environment ambitions with the aid of managers without spending a dime drivers of gasoline vans, for drivers to enter wide variety information into the approach loaded liters of fuel, for automated notification of drivers concerning the likelihood dump. The first step is the logistics or supervisor creates a new deal via the interface.She additionally results in Bitrix24. Prefer driver, select a gas truck and indicate the enterprise-counterparty. You could specify the place supply will likely be comprised of. And where. Then we point out the loading date and time, and the unloading time. Keep. These deals and duties go to the drivers tablet. We see: the driver has a new order. He can see the place he desires to go and build route via Yandex.Maps. Then, upon arrival on the download, he shows this truth and has the capacity to make an bill for future work. Finished. The driving force shows the tonnage – how a lot he loaded liters. After he leaves the down load, he confirms This truth, and upon arrival on the sink, he additionally clicks on the button (that got here to drain). Then he awaits a sign that he is allowed to empty the cargo. The supervisor within the interface allows for the motive force to empty the gas. Now the driver can dump. Here’s a drivers work cycle with a cell software. Thanks for your concentration! Goodbye! .

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Hey. That is normal overview of EspoCRM interface. On the homepage you’ll find the dashboard with tabs, where which you can put your necessary dashlets. The navigator bar contains: manufacturer logo, Entity list, international search, Notifications, speedy create, and user menu. Relying on the theme Entity record may also be on the top of the web page or on the sidebar. Default report record view includes Create button, Search panel and record panel. Using search panel which you could filter knowledge by defined filters or via fields. That you could decide on wanted objects and eliminate, merge, mass replace, export, follow or unfollow them, depending for your permissions. Default report view includes follow button, motion buttons, report data, flow panel, if entity has move, Relationship panels, and part panels.Also which you could go to the earlier or to the following entry by means of this arrow buttons. Thanks. Bye!.

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Hello, colleagues! Great to peer You in 2019! This is Avivi`s circulation and at present we speak aboutuser-pleasant aspects of the Bitrix24 if you wish to be aware of extra about other usefuloptions of the Bitrix24, that you would be able to comply with the hyperlink in description to our web site. Additionally, consider free to kind Your feedback duringthe broadcast. So, user-pleasant Bitrix24. I change off my digital camera and show You some cutethings. Each and every supervisor is desirous about how you can increasethe productivity of subordinates, to retain the pleasant staff and to search out probably the most experiencedprofessionals. And most significantly, how one can show a clientthat he is coping with a particular enterprise. It’s a identified proven fact that joyful humans are moreproductive in their work.Every year, corporations lose billions of dollarsdue to staff lack of efficiency which is brought about with the aid of staff indifference to theircompany, responsibilities and corporation. We are all very distinctive, however there are littlethings which make each character happier; for instance, others noticing and appreciatingyour work. The most import factor being the feeling youget from doing a pleasant Deal and being a part of some thing bigger. How is everything arranged in follow inBitrix24? It helps the HR division and evokes pridein the corporation amongst staff. It should be understood that Bitrix24 is notonly CRM, however it is a full-fledged portal for the whole organization, regardless of thedepartment.Even though your office occupies a few flooring,all employees will be united through exercise stream and Public Chat. What are the instruments that can be utilized:1. Login display and themeThe login screen is the first thing a newcomer sees in a enterprise. It is what makes a character comprehend thatthey are in a special situation! If you have a special suggestion of the missionyou want to achieve, a lot the simpler! It can be excellent that Bitrix has a variety of free functionality;for instance this theme which is the background for the laptop of each and every employee. It creates a temper but lets each employee usetheir private theme. It is also possible to apply a customary themefor everyone if you wish to display a photo with corporate colours and emblem. 2. Endeavor StreamWhen should we go to the cinema? What shall we watch? What time can we appoint an English lesson? Bitrix24 can host polls and activities in thecompany calendar, which allows you to make these selections comfortably and comfortably.However most of the time customers would possibly not notice hidden featureswhich appear underneath the "more button. To comfortably make contributions to the corporateculture and motivate employees, we’d like the Appreciation" performance. Three. AppreciationDo you recognize the feeling of working tough, face every undertaking effectively, and but no onesays a single word of encouragement? For a healthful surroundings within the crew, eachleader must introduce appreciation in general, but it should necessarily be a well-deservedappreciation. Thus, in Bitrix24 you can pick suitablebadges of appreciation and add comments to describe what you liked precisely in the workof a subordinate.This is without doubt one of the most powerful instruments fordeveloping the inducement of employees. 4. CalendarEveryone is frustrated when the manager supervisor rushes across the administrative center and pulls out peopleone by means of one from the workflow. With the Calendar in Bitrix24, it becomesvery convenient to plan a meeting without distracting staff. In one click on, that you would be able to prefer a detailed division,or a group working on a project. The initiator of the event can immediatelysee the engagement, and all individuals acquire invitations, which they need to accept or rejectfor a time extra handy to them. Both the supervisor and the employees acquire time andenergy; the supervisor is in a position to appoint meetings withoutinterrupting the staff considering method.As a result, all people could fulfil their taskscomfortably and efficaciously. Furthermore, this calendar permits you not onlyto plan meetings, but also enterprise parties, birthdays, recreation games, or convention outings! 5. BirthdaysA birthday is a specific day for anybody! All people will pay awareness to you, wants youhappiness, gives you grants – what a pleasure! Nonetheless, individuals who have forgotten about youon this day, may be quietly resented. With Bitrix24 you’re going to under no circumstances omit an employee’sbirthday again! Firstly, a widget with the record of birthdaysis continually displayed in the exercise stream. Secondly, on the colossal day, there shall be agift icon next to the avatar of the birthday individual. It’s literally unimaginable to miss. Remembering a colleagues birthday can bea good occasion to get acquainted or to grasp a person higher, to be equipped to start a conversationeasily. It is awareness from others that fulfil thesocial "want" that every person has. 6. Individual pageHave you ever been in a challenge when it was pressing to name an employee, and also you didnot have their cell number? Bitrix24 solves the trouble of storing allthe necessary knowledge inside the Intranet (the interior exclusive network of an group)utilising a individual page.One can find the employees face, find outwhat he is enthusiastic about and get all the integral contact knowledge. This is the perfect page for an worker toexpress their specified persona and exhibit in what way they’re so essential for the manufacturer. Filling a personal profile in Bitrix24 somewhatresembles the opening of a brand new game. This sort of thing is popularly known as gamification.Don’t forget that the corporate tradition isnot only a set of internal functions of the Bitrix24 method. Company culture as a rule depends on communicationand mutual understanding amongst all workers and executives of the corporation. So, it was our expertise with the Bitrix24extranet workgroup customization. It might be used for fixing of yet another tasksfor You. I am hoping, you love this video. In case you have any questions believe free to leavecomments.See Your next time, bye-bye!.