Are you using multiple programs to run your business? You must be paying a fortune and doing double or triple work! Would you like to consolidate these multiple programs into one simplified solution? Give us a call and let’s discuss your needs. You may be surprised. You have nothing to lose!

We specialize in the implementation of sales and
communication solutions based on the Bitrix24 platform; a powerful,
multi-functional, enterprise social network and CRM. You dream it, we’ll build it!


We are the Premier U.S.-based Bitrix24 Gold Partner serving business clients in the US and Canada to connect their teams and systems on one centralized platform. We offer total customization, sales, integration, Made-for-Bitrix24 products, support, and training. Bitrix24 includes advanced tools for collaboration, communication, and management of your business.

Step 1


We analyze your existing systems and processes to establish which of your requirements are not being fully met and identify the specific capabilities your business needs to improve.

Step 2


Once we understand your business we implement a simple to use branded solution which will transform your organization through greater move.

Step 3


Next, we build each section of your project and communicate with you throughout the process. Our quality control department checks whole system.

Step 4


After each step, you project is tested for errors. We communicate with you to make sure the workflows are what you want and easy to follow. Any adjustments needed will be done here and retested until you are satisfied with the results.

Step 5


Once your project is complete, we will add users and set permissions. Our staff will set up training and we will work with your staff to make sure they understand how the system works and to answer any questions they may have.

Step 6


Our support team is there to make any modifications, correct any bug and to make sure your system is optimized for speed and if you are on-premise, we will manage your hosting if we provide that service in your original agreement.


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