Bitrix24 New Year Sale – 36% Off All Accounts

Dear kalagrouptech Users,

Seasonal greetings!

Why is it so cold outside? Probably, because it’s Decembrrrrr already!

Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or warm where you live, what matters is that the last month of the year has arrived. It’s the month of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Jay Z’s 50th birthday and, of course, the Bitrix24 New Year Sale (our personal favorite).

Being true to holiday spirits, during the entire month of December ALL Bitrix24 users get a discount. Old, new, cloud, on-premise, direct or partner-bought – it doesn’t matter. Pick the offer that’s right for you, make your order and you are free to do holiday shopping and family reunion planning.

Automate Your Sales Process – Demo

At present i will show you methods to use OracleIntegration Cloud to participate in opportunity to order synchronization betweenSalesforce and NetSuite. In this state of affairs, a salesperson creates an opportunity in Salesforce. When he marks the fame of the possibility as "closed and won," anintegration strolling in Oracle Integration Cloud takes the opportunity, product, and different understanding from Salesforce, and sends it to NetSuite,the place a income order is created for success. Then, the brand new earnings order identification is sent from NetSuite again to Salesforce, where it is included into the common possibility. I’ve logged into Salesforce with my credentials. I’m going to create a brand new opportunity. I add account information, including the account name, the variety, and the lead source.I add opportunity understanding, including the closing date and the stage. For the rationale of this demo, i’ll depart theother fields clean. I store my work. Now I add the product that I need to promote to this purchaser. I choose the quantity I need to promote. The product, the quantity,and the revenue amount have been up to date. Let’s assume I’ve worked with thiscustomer and we’re now equipped to close the opportunity. I update the stage to"Closed and gained," and i put it aside. The second I put it aside, the combination that I’ve defined in Integration Cloud goes to decide on up the entire know-how I enteredabout the account, the product, the pricing, the variety, etc. It’sgoing to ship that knowledge to NetSuite to create a sales order there. I’ve created a customized NetSuite income order identity right here in Salesforce.After I refresh the monitor, the NetSuite income order identity is displayed. The identity hascome back from NetSuite and been delivered to the opportunity right here in salesforce.Com. Now i’m going to change to NetSuite. This is the sales order that acquired created. The patron I chosen is proven. The product I chosen and thequantity I entered are proven too. The amount is the same as what was once proven in Salesforce. That is the rate of the product and that is the whole value ofthe order. We’ve got just seen a bi-directional demo. I created an possibility in salesforce.Com and up to date its fame. The understanding Ientered was once used to create a earnings order in NetSuite, and the NetSuite order IDwas delivered to the long-established possibility in Salesforce.Let’s go to Integration Cloud to peer how the integration worked. My demo integration processed its lastmessage simply three minutes ago. It got and processed two requests–both of them efficaciously. I click on to display the detail, the place i will see how each and every step of the mixing ran. The Salesforce adapter acquired the notification (or set off) from salesforce.Com when we saved the possibility with the statusset to "Closed and gained." Then we did a question to get the product and accountinformation from salesforce.Com. We mapped the data, and then sent thatinformation to NetSuite through the NetSuite adaptor to create an orderthere.Eventually, within the callback that we configured, we mapped the earnings identification from NetSuite again to salesforce.Com, and that expertise was once used to update the possibility in Salesforce with the NetSuite earnings order number. Be trained more at cloud.Oracle.Com.

Bitrix24 Remote Work



The corona virus outbreak is changing how the global workspace operates more and more companies switch to remote working everyday if you are considering remote work for your company we have a ready to implement solution they will keep your business going and growing no matter what first thing you need to do is to facilitate effective communication with your team working remotely bitrix24’s unified workspace helps you keep in touch with your team at all times communicate with colleagues via the instant messenger Connect through voice calls or video conferencing and stay updated in the highly intuitive activity stream using poles announcements and appreciation badges remote working makes it hard to monitor how your employees work and their deliverables bitrix24 keeps tasks and projects transparent and under control you can create and assign tasks in a few clicks keep your projects organized and in view with Gantt charts and a Kanban board private and group calendars will keep you on track and allows scheduling online meetings with ease [Music] no matter how critical the outbreak might be you don’t want to lose your customers but on the plus side the majority of customers are online anyway with bitrix24’s contact center you can provide exceptional customer service via social networks emails website widgets and telephony all client communication channels are unified in your patrons 24 account where all data is saved and easily retrieved keep your business going and growing no matter what the tricks 24 can fully automate your sales for example send email campaigns or run advertising campaigns on Facebook Instagram and Google and with online payments quotes and invoices the financial side of your projects is always taken care of and whatever decisions are made the bitrix24 mobile app allows you and your team to work and stay connected at any time in any place to stay safe [Music]

Sales trends in Bitrix24

Dear kalagrouptech users, 

We’ve added a new report to our CRM Analytics module – a Sales trends report.

The Sales trends report is one of many useful reports in CRM Analytics. This report shows the number and the percentage of won and lost deals within the selected reporting period, as well as how the number of won deals has changed comparing to the previous reporting period.